Grants for Village Halls Lancashire, South Cumbria

How to Apply for a Grant

Application for a grant is made by completing an Application Form.

Please print-off the Application Form, complete it and return it to:

The Harold and Alice Bridges Charity
Vincents Solicitors
21-23 Park Street,

The Application Form has been designed to be straightforward to complete and it would be appreciated if the application could be confined to the Application Form itself and not include any attachments.

You may wish to keep a photocopy of the Application Form for your future reference.

The Charity Trustees meet three times a year to consider batches of applications received. The cut-off dates for receipt of applications prior to each Trustees’ Meeting are 15th January, 15th May, and 15th September each year.

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The Harold and Alice Bridges Charity is registered with the Charity Commission under Charity Number 236654.

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